Friday, January 9, 2009

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I hope to inspire, or at very least, provide the experience of India and Nepal without the cold showers. Make every day count!
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Welcome to India!

My latest challenge...
(I'm up to 2nd gear!)

In Pokhara, Nepal you can rent a bike for $5. Good time to learn how to ride one!

Women's Skills Development Project... hand-made yarn

Holding finished products
(which are soon to be displayed at my online store!)
I am working on an exporting business of Indian/Nepalese accessories with a line of fair-trade products from this AMAZING place called Women's Skills Development Project.

Yarn being dyed.

Working hard! Aren't they beautiful?

Hand-made materials made by fair-trade participants!!!

Women's Skills Development Project...dry room.

Women's Skills Development Project...women working on looms.

Traditional Nepal loom methods.

Women's Skills Development Project... sewing room.

Korean restaurant for sushi on New Year's Eve. (For Bob and Cheryl)

Dreamy Pokhara, Nepal

Elephant safari!


Crocodile hangout.

Hi Mom, I'm riding an elephant!



Elephant breeding center. Mama and baby. (3 months old)

Elephant races!

My Venice.
Align Center

One wrong move...

Tiger Woods says, "Please, don't rock my boat."

She's a good girl who took us on a safari in the jungle! She bent down so we could slide off. Elephant eyes are really unique.

My Dad's Nepalese "Gorkha" knife for Xmas.

Dug-out tree boats floating at sunset.

Beautiful dresses, blankets, rugs (Nepal)

Parking lot in Kathmandu, Nepal. Everyone rides bikes b/c they are smaller.

Christmas dinner at lovely restaurant. Eli, Fulbright scholar living in Kathmandu. Ry, pink cheeked with Xmas spirit. Adam, festive in red.

Since we were all maybe a lil bummed to be away for Xmas, we decided it best to go to the fanciest hotel in town and use the guest pass for their workout and spa facilities. We also ordered fancy martinis to top it off. Full day of luxury for $15. Steam room, sauna, hot showers, hot tub, pool...a phenomena for travelers who haven't had regular hot showers for months. Merry Christmas at the Hyatt.

Student from Takdah showed his monestary in Kathmandu.

Sweet Monkeys.

Lots of animals free to roam the streets.

Dog ball.

More dog balls.

Thirsty Monkeys.

Baby Monkey.

Monkey Sucking Finger.

Chubby Monkey.

"Monkey Temple"

Street vendors sell anything you can think of!

Lots of street vendors with masks from all over the world.

Swayambhu Stupa. Also known as the monkey temple. Monkeys run around EVERYWHERE!

Tibetan momos. Taste like dumplings.

Tibetan butter lamps.

Butter lamps you can light for around 5 cents.
Everybody likes a swimming pool.

Boudha Stupa. World's largest. (Nepal)

Afternoon nap in the sun.

Hindu statue near Durbur Square.

Durbur Square. Kamasutra temple. wink, wink.