Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ryan, nephew Carter, sister Erin. I like to call this picture "Who is Carter's favorite?" Please note his little finger pointing out the obvious anwer to this question. Kansas City, MO (right before I came to India)

Nieces Lily and Morgan. Give your sister lots of hugs girls! Aunty RyRy loves you!

Aunty RyRy's happy day. 1st real chocolate and coffee in a month!

There I go again, underestimating my strength.

Writing Aunt Becky on the train trying to explain why travel is better than establishing a 401K and missing the election. ;) She's always lookin out for me!

Some lovely trees in the back yard.

Adam buying tea in Darjeeling.

Adam playing Indian jeep ride.

Bananas for monkeys (and people).

The very old monastery. The monks are learning a lama dance in the front yard.


Cho Cho the fun-maker at Shamar Rinpoche's bday celebration

Cho Cho the guide

Very old Buddhist monastary. Very. Pretty windows!

Market. Kalimpong, India

Special food for guest at our school. Tastes like pork rind cookie. Mmm. Takdah, India
Monk students, Takdah school director, head of FBI, guards, home secretary of West Bengal and friends

Heavy load.

Hindi face paint!

Knock, knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad you are reading this awesome blog!?

Just dreamy.

Making wishes on meditation spinning wheels. Rumtek, Sikkim

Spices market. Kalimpong, India

Orchid garden. They bloom Feb-Apr. Takdah, India

Famous Rumtek. There is a controvery now over who is the "real" Karmapa and there were many guards keeping watch over the sacred place of the 16th Karmapa Karma Kadgu Lineage Holder


I counted 15 spiders in this web. Rumtek, Sikkim

Cho Cho and Chinese food! He is a friend and co-worker at Takdah school.

"So, what else do you do in a sitting room?" Rumtek, Sikkim

Smiling Nepali women at the market in Kalimpong, India

Lost in rice fields.

Tibetan bread and the man is also our cook at school.
Ladies walking around stupa in Kalimpong, India.

Some kind of weird potato. Tastes a little squishier.

On my way in for the first time to visit my wonderful school. The driver had to stop because the engine was smoking. I was standing outside admiring this lady's noggin. The women are so tough!

Tibetan drum used for meditation. This is in the "gompa" or meditation room at school.