Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ryan, nephew Carter, sister Erin. I like to call this picture "Who is Carter's favorite?" Please note his little finger pointing out the obvious anwer to this question. Kansas City, MO (right before I came to India)

Nieces Lily and Morgan. Give your sister lots of hugs girls! Aunty RyRy loves you!

Aunty RyRy's happy day. 1st real chocolate and coffee in a month!

There I go again, underestimating my strength.

Writing Aunt Becky on the train trying to explain why travel is better than establishing a 401K and missing the election. ;) She's always lookin out for me!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan.
I think you know the person above.

All the best!!!

We've got your mail. Thank you very much for sharing.
We wish you a lot of happiness: relative and absolute!!!

Take care.
Alexey and Lora.