Friday, January 9, 2009

Beautiful dresses, blankets, rugs (Nepal)

Parking lot in Kathmandu, Nepal. Everyone rides bikes b/c they are smaller.

Christmas dinner at lovely restaurant. Eli, Fulbright scholar living in Kathmandu. Ry, pink cheeked with Xmas spirit. Adam, festive in red.

Since we were all maybe a lil bummed to be away for Xmas, we decided it best to go to the fanciest hotel in town and use the guest pass for their workout and spa facilities. We also ordered fancy martinis to top it off. Full day of luxury for $15. Steam room, sauna, hot showers, hot tub, pool...a phenomena for travelers who haven't had regular hot showers for months. Merry Christmas at the Hyatt.

Student from Takdah showed his monestary in Kathmandu.

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